Shaky City



I am a professional Hollywood script reader and book editor. Shaky City is my script reading and book editing business.

"SHAKY CITY" trucker slang for Los Angeles


I help writers from anywhere prepare their material for submission, self-publishing, or movie development. My work is objective and thoughtful, and my comments are concise and constructive. I specialize in “story,” no matter what form it takes : screenplays, TV shows and pilots, novels, memoirs, biographies, autobiographies, creative non-fiction, long-form creative essays, graphic novels, and comic books. 

I am comfortable handling any genre or literary style. I understand the rules of narrative and the importance of craft. My job is to make sure the writer is telling her story in a way that will appeal to her readers or viewers and keep them engaged, so execution is key. I don’t believe in a cookie cutter approach to analysis and editing. What works for one story won’t necessarily work for another, and I’ll help a writer figure out what is right for her material. That’s what makes my job so interesting!



“I finally completed that polished first draft of my script and I desperately needed PROFESSIONAL feedback. Jim’s industry experience as a script reader made the difference. Jim presents the strengths and weaknesses of your plot and characters from a professional standpoint. His coverage and story notes were full of detailed criticisms and suggestions on how to improve my script from all angles. A bonus for any serious screenwriter is the ability to use this industry-standard script coverage and synopsis when presenting your work to managers or agents!”    

 Matthew Ward | Writer - Director | Los Angeles, CA


"I had been working on my manuscript for over ten years when Jim read through it and provided critical and editorial commentary.  His comments, careful and insightful, helped me transform the manuscript into a book.  I couldn't be more grateful.”

— Shannon Herbert Ph.D. | Associate Professor, English | Santa Monica College