Shaky City



I am a professional Hollywood script reader and book editor. Shaky City is my script reading and book editing business.



My extensive experience in both the film and literary worlds sets me apart. I am as comfortable with prose as I am with screenplays. I’ve read thousands of scripts, and my years in writing workshops and as a teacher have honed editorial skills. Because of my background, I also have a special interest in film adaptation, and I know how to “find the movie” in a book. 

Most recently, I worked as a script reader at CAA for six years; I read material for the biggest names in the film industry. I have also worked as an agent assistant. Prior to moving to Los Angeles, I studied Fiction in The Creative Writing Graduate Program at the University of Arkansas, where I also taught undergraduate English composition and creative writing for four years. I have a BFA in Media Arts from the Minneapolis College of Art and Design with an emphasis in film. I also was a visual arts major at the North Carolina School of the Arts in high school.